New Years Eve

New Years Eve 2017 @ Bombora



Caramelised garlic loaf… w/ garlic butter  12.9

Olive and thyme cob loaf… olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic butter 14.9



Kilpatrick oysters (pork product)…             ½ doz   19.9         doz   31.9

   Natural oysters…                                             ½ doz   17.9         doz   28.9

Bucket of prawns (500g)…               peel-your-self 27.9



Share entrée

Dips mezze… 4 house dips, chorizo, gypsy ham (pork products),

olives, pickled vegetables and feta w/ flat bread 28.9

Tomato Bruschetta (V)… roast tomato, feta, basil, rocket, dukkah 16.5

Salmon Bruschetta… smoked salmon, smoked salmon pate, avocado, tomato salsa, rocket and sourdough 19.5

500g black lip mussels in white wine, garlic, dill and parsley broth with dukkah crusted bread 26.9 (GF on request)

Korean hot wings… fried chicken wings in our signature Korean sweet spicy sauce, shallots, sesame seeds 15.9


Individual entrée

Cajun prawns… capsicum, labneh and crisp lavash bread 17.0

Arancini (V)… pumpkin and semi dried arancini w/ tomato sugo 12.9

Salt ‘n’ pepper squid… mixed salad, garlic rosemary aioli 14.9



Atlantic salmon… shaved cauliflower, freekah and herb salad, apple cider vinaigrette 29.9 (GF on request)

 Wild barramundi… pearl Israeli couscous, seared chat potatoes, crisp kale, ras el hanout, labneh 29.9

Whole lemon sole GF… baked chat potatoes, green beans, peas herb salsa verde 26.9

Panko crumbed gemfish… local fillets w/ chips, salad and garlic rosemary aioli 26.9

The “Bombora Basket”… lemon and dill battered fish fillet, salt ‘n’ pepper squid, salt ‘n’ pepper prawns, 

calamari rings and fresh prawns with chips 28.9

Crumbed calamari… panko  crumbed rings, chips & salad  24.9

Chicken parmigiana… mushrooms, tasty cheese and napolitana sauce, chips & salad   28.0

Fish and chips… crispy lemon and dill batter, chips and salad 24.9

Saganaki prawns… prawns, tomatoes, olives, feta, spring onions in a cast iron pot served w/ olive bread 28.9

Seafood red curry GF… Morton bay bug, prawns, mussels and fish in red curry. Served with Jasmine rice 31.9

Linguini (V)… herb and cashew pesto linguini, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese 21.9 w/ seared scallops 29.9

Beef and bug… 250g strip loin steak , Morton Bay bug, café de Paris butter, chips & salad 32.9


Hot & cold platter for 2… 155.0

Top deck} seared 300-400g lobster, Morton bay bugs, battered king prawns, mussels w/ chilli, ginger, garlic cream sauce.

Bottom deck} salt ‘n’ pepper prawns, tempura fish, salt ‘n’ pepper squid, chips, oysters Kilpatrick (pork product), natural oysters, chilled prawns, smoked salmon, seasonal fruit.   


Main size salads

Caesar salad (contains pork product)… plain 22.9  

w/ chicken 25.9 w/ chilled prawns 28.9

Vietnamese Prawn salad (contains peanuts)  26.9

Garden Salad…GF 16.0


Desserts $11.9

Rocky road… fruit sorbet, coconut ice cream, cherries, chocolate mousse, toasted marshmallow, nuts

Semifreddo splice… passionfruit semifreddo, pineapple jelly, coconut, Italian meringue, mango coulis GF
Affogato… vanilla bean ice cream, almond biscotti, a shot of Frangelico liqueur & espresso 13.9

Salted caramel mud cake… with maple cream, dates, walnuts, white chocolate

Hot chocolate prune cake… warm Belgium chocolate sauce & vanilla bean ice cream


For the kids

Grilled chicken breast w/ potatoes, veg 15.0

Crumbed chicken and chips 14.0

Fish and chips 14.0

Calamari and chips 14.0


Menu is subject to change due to availability and produce freshness